Thermo-mineral water
Termomineralna voda
Termomineralna voda

The Recreation Leisure Center “Zdrelo” is situated in the place where the fertile Stiska plain, in a mystic and wonderful way, runs through the Gornjac gorge and rises in the mountains of Homolj. It is located on the 11th kilometer of the road Petrovac - Žagubica in the foot of the two dominant tops of Homolj mountain.

During the investigation of coal deposits in this area 1986th from the borehole broke out a strong stream of mineral water, whose surface water temperature was around 40 C degrees. Water comes from a depth of 180 m where the temperature exceeds 80 C degrees. After going through a cold layer of earth the water on the surface achieves and maintains a constant temperature of 40 C in summer and winter.

This thermo-mineral water with exceptional chemical composition and characteristics belongs to the group of oligomineral sulfide homeotherms. Thanks to its temperature and chemical composition, this water, according to the findings of the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the Republic of Serbia, as well as the Bureau of Internal Diseases Dr Vlastimir Godić "Belgrade, can be successfully used in therapeutic purposes as a supplementary tool in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis, Behtrevljev pain), extra articular rheumatism (fibriositis, miositis, panniculitis, tendinitis) consequences of trauma and the state after bone fractures and surgical interventions on bone system.

Thanks to its special chemical composition, this water is used successfully in the treatment of skin diseases, eczema, fungal diseases of psoriasis, healing wounds, and after bathing in this water, skin becomes softer and tighter.

Water springs from 1,700 meters under the ground level, having a greenish color with the smell of sulfur. In the fall, the water flow decreases and increases during the spring when the water changes its color and clarity. At the ninth meter, the water passes through 2 meters of coal, and at the 120th-meter through 3 meters of coal which is the essence of its medicinal properties.