• Price of camping with electricity plugs is 300RSD and 100RSD without the connection.
  • Campers must abide by house rules! Heating and electric cooking is not allowed in the camp.
  • Camping is fenced, lighted, with showers, and a barbecue, overlooking the beautiful nature, mountains and the valley..
  • "Mlava" Camping is located 30 meters from the thermal pools.


The Recreation Leisure Center "Ždrelo"
Ždrelo 66,
12300 Ždrelo, Serbia
RUC Ždrelo on Google map

Working hours

Swimming Pools - 10h-19h (MON-THU),
10h-20h (FRI),
09h-20h (SUT),
09h-19h (SUN)
Wellness - 11h-19h (MON-THU),
11h-20h (FRI),
10h-20h (SUT),
10h-19h (SUN)

Contact us
Phone. +381 12 330 735
Fax: +381 12 330 734
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