Aqua park
Aqua park
Aqua park

"Mlavske terme" spa, unique water park in Serbia, is open for all year round with day and night swimming in the thermo-mineral water with the temperature from 30 to 40 degrees. "Mlavske terme" spa has 6 pools (2 indoor and 4 outdoor swimming pools) as well as a swimming pool with salty water. Swimming pools are open every day from 10h to 22h. Thermo-mineral water that is found in the pools helps in the treatment of psoriasis and other skin and rheumatic pains as well as with gastritis.


The Recreation Leisure Center "Ždrelo"
Ždrelo 66,
12300 Ždrelo, Serbia
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Working hours

Swimming Pools - 10h-19h (MON-THU),
10h-20h (FRI),
09h-20h (SUT),
09h-19h (SUN)
Wellness - 11h-19h (MON-THU),
11h-20h (FRI),
10h-20h (SUT),
10h-19h (SUN)

Contact us
Phone. +381 12 330 735
Fax: +381 12 330 734
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