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The Recreation Leisure Centre “Zdrelo” - Mlavske terme is situated in the place where the fertile Stiska plain, in a mystic and wonderful way, runs through the Gornjac gorge and rises in the mountains of Homolj. It is located on the 11th kilometer of the road Petrovac - Žagubica in the foot of the two dominant tops of Homolj mountain.

RUC Ždrelo on Google map


The Recreation Leisure Center "Ždrelo"
Ždrelo 66,
12300 Ždrelo, Serbia
RUC Ždrelo on Google map

Working hours

Swimming Pools - 10h-19h (MON-THU),
10h-20h (FRI),
09h-20h (SUT),
09h-19h (SUN)
Wellness - 11h-19h (MON-THU),
11h-20h (FRI),
10h-20h (SUT),
10h-19h (SUN)

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Phone. +381 12 330 735
Fax: +381 12 330 734
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